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Here at ME, we strive to facilitate your needs whether it be general, or more unique enquiries. Looking at all angles and perspectives such as top down and bottom up, this gives a more in- depth idea of the work ahead. These and more strategies are in place to provide a rounded approach, towards business development and organic growth. We pride ourselves in experiential learning and encourage the same, in turn, establishing sustainable exchanges.

Leadership Development

We expands the capacity of an individual to perform in leadership roles within their organisation.


Facilitating execution of company strategy through building alignment, winning mind-share and growing the capacity of others.


Leadership sets a clear vision by influencing employees to achieve goals, performance, productivity and build the future state of the organisation/ company.

Companies can avoid the most common mistakes in leadership development and increase the odds of success by matching specific leadership skills and traits to the context at hand; embedding leadership development in real work; fearlessly investigating the mind-sets that underpin behavior; monitoring and coaches

developing the necessary skills and essential a strategies planning attitude

Strategic Planning

Strategic thinking addresses the “what” and the “why” of the whole planning process


What should your organisation be doing in order to achieve its major goals?

The directions you take and making a decision, is allocating the work/ resources to pursue this strategy.


Why should these actions be chosen, instead of other alternative steps or actions?

Strategic planning may also extend to control mechanism for guiding, mission, goals, vision, objective plans, performance, implementation and the direction of the whole operation..

Executive Coaching


Why everyone can benefit from coaching?


Coaching helps an individual to go from where they are, to where they want to be.

A coach that works with his employees, can help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve objectives and the all important impression and/or connection that the individual makes.

Once your company is launched, the personality and the mannerism of a founder and/or CEO can set the tone for the entire workplace culture.

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